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A special solution withSCHURTER’s Specials.

A special solution withSCHURTER’s Specials.


Looking to enhance the pulling power of your pictorial logo? Then try using the so-called Specials from SCHURTER! SCHURTER Specials are custom-made products from the Industrial Graphics range, ensuring your pictorial logo's pulling power is given a boost.

SCHURTER’s Specials can be used anywhere, because we have so many different materials and techniques at our disposal. These enable us to produce a perfect, custom-made product every time. To this end, we will gladly provide you with our advice and support.

Benefits of SCHURTER Specials

 • Manifold different techniques available

 • Make it easy for you to distinguish your business from the competition

 • Suitable for all environments

 • Extremely high pulling power

 • Wide array of possible uses

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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Specials from SCHURTER - suitable for any specification

Specials from SCHURTER are suitable for all environments and applications. From the medical sector to consumer goods. They are capable of fulfilling any market-specific requirement!

Each and every one of the Specials from SCHURTER are customer-specific. Creating the right Special in partnership with you will enable you to enjoy enhanced pulling power time and again, as well as to ensure that you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Materials and Techniques

Power through combination

All possible materials and techniques are used to make the Specials from SCHURTER. The possibilities are endless and no idea is too much!

Combining different techniques can yield some extremely interesting products. In addition to the commonly used techniques like embossing, etching and full-colour printing, we also specialize in more advanced techniques. Custom-made name signs, magnetic foils or special RFI chips in dome labels - pretty much anything is possible!

We have the knowledge and expertise to transform the manifold techniques and materials into customer-specific solutions. Solutions with the capacity to give you and your business a boost in terms of image and brand awareness!

Below you will find several examples of special techniques and materials that might appeal to your imagination

 • Hologram stickers

 • Chrome brushed sticker material

 • Metal braid logos

 • RFI chips in (dome) labels

 • Stickers / labels ordered by serial number

 • Magnetic foils

 • Personalized nameplates

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