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SCHURTER GmbH awarded as 2nd best supplier in logistic competition from Siemens

Tuesday January 26th 2016 Siemens Karlsruhe organized the yearly logistics competition for electronic suppliers. Siemens Karlsruhe is the fifth largest business location of Siemens, including a centre for process automation, production automation, building automation and industrial services.

SCHURTER GmbH supplies resistive and PCAP touch panel series with metal housings in six different sizes (7"- 22") to Siemens Karlsruhe. The touch panels are used for Industrial PC's.

Siemens Karlsruhe has over 750 suppliers, of which 50 companies, including SCHURTER GmbH, where selected to join the logistics competition. These 50 suppliers where judged on performance through out the complete supply chain. Issues such as on time delivery, the stock level, the steady supply of products and the necessary missing parts management are important aspects. SCHURTER GmbH was announced as 2nd best. The winner is a distributor of standard passive components. Since SCHURTER supplies customized parts, we have all the more reason to be proud on this second place.

We want to thank Siemens Karlsruhe for their trust and appreciation. And of course many thanks to our dedicated team at SCHURTER GmbH for their excellent logistic performance.

prod //cdn.schurter.com SCHURTER-s-2nd-place-in-the-logistics-competition-from-Siemens-98545-203405