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SCHURTER Holding AG, Lucerne takes over TICOMEL SA, Mendrisio

As per January 1, 2007 the SCHURTER Group will take over TICOMEL SA in Mendrisio (Switzerland) as well as its affiliate INTERELEKTRONIC in Romania.

Ticomel SA produces EMC components, suppression chokes, line filters and small transformers. Furthermore, customer-specific printed circuit boards are assembled. TICOMEL SA employs 90 persons in Mendrisio and approx. 450 employees in its affiliate Interelectronik in Romania. Last year, Ticomel SA achieved a consolidated turnover of CHF 24 Mio.

The takeover of this business partner of long standing, who at the same time is customer and supplier, poses a great challenge for SCHURTER. The synergies to be attained are considerable and have a significant growth and yield potential.

prod //cdn.schurter.com Schurter-takes-over-Ticomel-68024-121160