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SCHURTER Spotlights First Chip Fuse in a 1206 Package for High Current Protection up to 25 A

Small Fuse, High Performance with 1206 Footprint

SCHURTER released today the first 1206 chip fuse series UST 1206 with rated current values up to 25 A and slow-blow characteristic. It boasts high melting I2t values, which provides good inrush withstand performance. It's a cost-effective solution for applications in which high inrush current and on-off cycling are present.

The UST 1206 with characteristics according to UL 248-14 complements the previously introduced and successful USI 1206 with characteristic according to IEC 60127-4. The current ratings of the UST 1206 range from 7 to 25 A with voltage ratings up to 63 VDC and 32 VAC. The device provides a breaking capacity of up to 400 A at defined voltage and an operating temperature range of - 55 °C to +90 °C.

The fuse is designed to provide secondary over current protection in power inverters, back lighted DC-AC inverters for monitors, wherein power consumption is high at a low voltage level, e.g. 5 or 12 VDC.

The legend marking on each fuse allows a clear visual identification. The fuse is approved according to UL 248-14 and holds a cURus approval. The device is RoHS compliant and is supplied on tape and reel either with 1k or 5k or 15k pieces.

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