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Durability Durability



Customers rely on the high durability of SCHURTER products. The testing at SCHURTER provides recognition of compliance to reliability and durability. At SCHURTER we use durability testing as a regular part of product design, verification and validation in every industry.

Test procedures

Durability testing, also known as reliability testing and environmental testing, allows the assessment of a product's response to the physical and climatic hazards that may occur throughout the operational life of a product.

SCHURTER performs different life cycle and thermal climatic tests regarding DIN ISO 60068 for each product and production process in order to check the quality and also that the requirements have been fulfilled.


 • Life Cycle Touch Test

 • Long-term storage tests

 • Cold storage tests

 • Dry heat tests

 • Thermal cycling tests

 • Ball drop testsTest procedure

  • 4. Our Solutions -> 3.5 Features - Durability

  • 4. Our Solutions -> 3.5 Features - Durability

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